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The main reasons to use Word Counter Tool 

There are many reasons to use this free Word Counter tool, here after some of them :

  • To be able to have a good ranking in search tools like Google, Yahoo, Bing, your article must contain a good number of words. The average length of articles ranked on the first page of Google in 2019 is over 2,000 words
  • Some Social Media imposes a limit on the number of characters. For example, Twitter limit us to 280 characters, Facebook  post's shouldn't be longer than 63,206 characters, and it's comment should be less  than 8,000 characters
  • Some professors require their students to write essays that exceed a certain number of words.
  • Instead of wasting precious time counting manually  a document lenght, you can simply get help from our free Word Counter tool.

How the free Word Counter tool work ?

You can simply paste your text in the imput form and then click on the "Count Words" button. Then the word counter tool will immediatly give you those two informations :

  • The number of words of the text you past in the input form.
  • The number of characters  in your content.

We totally respect the privacy of our users

We do NOT keep any record of your content in our servers. It's true for this tool and all our other free tools.

So we ensure you that your text is 100% safe when using our tools and it is only accessible by you.

We totally respect the privacy of our users !