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This free SEO tool for checking plagiarism, can match your content in opposition to billions of webpages in the net. Once you add your content, click on the button "check for plagiarism" in order to run it towards the existing content material on the net.

Each sentence in your text is uniquely analyzed to determine if it is present in other articles or website pages.

A total score is calculated representing the uniqueness rate of your content. The closer the rate is to 100%, the more unique your content is. On the contrary, a low score shows that your content is already existing and may be considered as a plagiarism.

You can also use our "Article Rewriter" tool to help reformulate your content.




The main reasons to check for plagiarism:


  • You collected ideas from several sites to prepare your content, and at the end you don't remember if you rephrased these ideas or you just kept the original wording.
  • Using other people's content without attribution is considered plagiarism. For students, for example, their work can simply be refused even if the student has good intentions.