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What is MD5 ?

MD5 (Message Digest 5) is the third message digest algorithm created by Rivest in 1991, is a cryptographic hash function that allows you to obtain the digital fingerprint of a file.

It's specially used to protect information or media and to check if there are changes or modifications in part of a message.


How our free MD5 tool generator work ?

You can simply write ou paste your text in the imput form of our free MD5 Generator, then you should click on the submit button. The MD5 converter will compute your text using a designed cryptographic hashing algorithm and provide you the MD5 hash result.

You can verify the integrity of your MD5 hash by regenerating it a second time, you will see that our generator  will give you the same results.

Examples of use of the MD5 generator ?

You can use our online MD5 generator in such situations :

  • To encode passwords that you store in databases.
  • To encore credit card information.
  • For developers during the test phase to encode variables and verify the correct functioning of the controls implemented in their codes