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About Domain Age Checker

This online and free Domain Age Checker tool is used to check the age of a domain.

The Age of a domain is part of the notoriety criteria of website and therefore also part of the rules for improving the ranking of a websites.

Indeed among the techniques used by webmasters to start a new website project is to look for a domain that has a certain notoriety and backlinks that their owners have just left them.

Of course the purchased domain must not have been used in unhealthy practices, in which case the opposite effect will occur.

An older website with good content is generally already referenced by other websites, and its pages are already indexed by the majority of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, ...

The free Domain Age Checker provides those informations :

  • Domain Age
  • Domain Created Date
  • Domain Updated/renwed Date
  • Domain Expiry Date